5 Tips and Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

mattress cleaning

Sweat drops and dead skin, dust mites, and insects, these are a few of the things that can collect on your mattress! To make it worse, leaving it uncleaned means spending multiple nights with these gunks.

Any mattress cleaning service will say a mattress is to provide a comfortable space to rest. But, knowing what you know now, thinking about what could be crawling under your covers when you crawl into bed is pretty uncomfortable.

Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of mattress cleaning and provide tips and advice.

1. Quality Air Circulation

Mattress cleaning in Singapore is a bit tricky. Due to the climate, mattresses absorb oil, dust, dead skin cells and sweat.

Remove your mattress cover, pillows, pillowcases, duvet covers, and duvet, then separate them by colour and throw them in the washer. If the colours won’t fade, use the hottest water and dry on high heat. 

The hotter the environment, the more gunk will be removed. 


A mattress cover can minimise stains and dirt reaching your mattress. They also absorb any moisture and prevent pests from sharing your bed.

2. Eliminate Allergens

Scratching an itch often or coughing or sneezing frequently? You’ve probably not tried out a professional mattress cleaning service before. 

A dirty mattress leads to all sorts of respiratory or skin-related allergies. Regular vacuuming would help, and it’ll also be relieving to see how much crumbs, dust, dirt, and allergens will be sucked up from those hidden crevices!


Use your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment to go over the top of your mattress and get it in hard-to-reach areas. Don’t have one? You can quickly get a mattress cleaning service in Singapore and let them worry about it.

3. Sleep Soundly

A tidy and well-cleaned mattress can make a heap of difference in elevating your quality of rest each night.

Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over your mattress, and it’ll absorb any moisture from the stain-removal process while also deodorising and killing off germs. The longer it sits, the harder it’ll get to work — if possible, treat yourself to a staycation out of the house and leave it for 24 hours. After that, vacuum it off and voila!


Put 10 to 20 drops of your favourite essential oil in the baking powder box, shake it up, and sprinkle it on your mattress for an extra personal touch. Essential oils are naturally antibacterial, so they will also assist in cleaning and sanitising. Not to mention, it smells great.

4. A More Tidy Space

Nothing is worse than checking into a hotel room and seeing the mattress stained. Like your own, the state of your bed will say a lot about your priorities and lifestyle. 

For hard-set stains, rub on a coarse paste-like mixture of lemon juice and salt and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Wipe it off with a clean towel, and it will lighten any stain marks; think of this as nature’s alternative to bleach.


For dark-coloured mattresses, use a mix of natural liquid dish soap, baking soda, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and water in a spray bottle to avoid fading its colours. You can also get bed mattress cleaning services if it’s too much elbow grease.

5. Increases Its Longevity

A good mattress lasts longer. You can be disciplined about cleaning it, especially if you have kids or pets. Or you can, y’know, get a mattress cleaning service to do the job.

It’s already challenging to keep tabs on everything around the house. Plus, it typically costs up to $220 just to clean a mattress! Also, the bigger the mattress, the more you’ll have to pay.


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