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MCAAS Solutions in Singapore continue to safely keep homes clean, hygienic and healthy in line with the most up to date guidance and regulations.

With restrictions easing throughout the island, we would like to confirm that MCAAS cleaners will continue with our Covid-safe working practices and enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure that we are playing our part in reducing the spread of the virus, and to continue to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy.

Our cleaning services and cleaning procedures have been modified and will be regularly reviewed to ensure that we continue to comply with up to date government and Health & Safety advice, particularly regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing and ART Testing.

We will carry out extra cleaning and disinfecting with Concentrated poly(hexamethylenebiguanide)/PHMB and QAC based disinfectant or antimicrobial coatings at heavy contact areas to keep your home clean and hygienic.


Keep Your Home Safe With Us

Cleaning Solutions
Dry Deep Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
Shampoo Deep Clean
Professionally trained team
Using Eco-friendly Products
Sterilize completely


Affordable Mattress
Cleaning Packages Singapore

The Market rates for mattress cleaning start from $60-$220 for one mattress alone!

Prices throughout the mattress cleaning market also vary from single to king sized mattresses.

At other companies, customers are forced to pay high transport charges, hidden charges/costs and are subjected to binding contracts which they cannot terminate.


Eradicate dust mites from
your home &
keep them away!

Killing the dust mites is not enough, extracting it out of the mattress and getting rid of it is most important. Besides extracting the dead bodies, we need to also extract the dust mite eggs and the dust mite droppings.

When dust mites die inside your mattress you are still able to breathe them into your respiratory system and develop serious allergies, therefore killing them is just not enough.

Furthermore, allergies that we get from dust mites and their droppings lead to a lack of sleep. Solving the dust mite problem is a monthly affair as the dust mites keep returning every 3 weeks.


Solve your respiratory problems
& skin allergies!

Many children in Singapore suffer from skin allergies and respiratory problems. If these problems are not taken care of earlier, they will lead to a life-long issue. Some of these problems include Asthma, Rhinitis, Bronchitis and skin allergies such as eczema, skin irritation and redness of skin.

Sneezing, running nose, irritated eyes, scratchy throat, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and redness of skin are the precursors to future problems such as Asthma, Rhinitis, Bronchitis and eczema, as mentioned above.

Start cleaning your mattress monthly before they lead to life-long allergies of which, some are irreversible.

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At Best In Singapore, it’s their mission to review consumer services and recommend the best for their readers. We are proud to be endorsed by them.

WSQ Course Certified

Our staff are WSQ Course Certified

NEA Licensed

Licanse Number: NEA211260/0427R/N01


What Our Clients Say

Mythili, Meyer Road

"Contacted MCAAS for their service. Noel who showed up was amazing. I was utterly shocked at what came out of my mattress. Got my 3 mattresses done. See you next month!"

Mythili, Meyer Road
Jimmy Lim, Pasir Ris

"I'm so happy with MCAAS. This lady came and so efficently cleaned my toilets, kitchen and swept and mopped my whole house. Simply amazing! So easy and seamless to fix an appt for the cleaning."

Jimmy Lim, Pasir Ris
Nur Afiqah, Marsiling

"Always wanted to clean all of my childrens' mattresses often but never could do so because of the cost of mattress cleaning. They did a wonderful job. It's so cheap that I'm doing it every month now. Thanks Gordon and Noel!"

Nur Afiqah, Marsiling
Jasmine, Woodlands

"Got their contact from my friend who said they were very good. Was surprised to see my children’s bed was so dirty. Was very happy with Gordon’s service. Thanks MCAAS!"

Jasmine, Woodlands
Nur Afiqah, Marsiling

Always wanted to clean all of my childrens' mattresses often but never could do so because of the cost of mattress cleaning. They did a wonderful job. It's so cheap that I'm doing it every month now. Thanks Gordon and Noel!

Nur Afiqah, Marsiling

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